Leo Prestte

Branding for startups™

Leo Prestte is recognized for developing brand strategy, content, & identity systems for startups globally. In a world where there are so many touchpoints between brands and consumers, top startups now require an engaging brand presence, a comprehensive brand strategy & world-class design. We partner with startups to provide creative solutions to those who want to bridge the gaps, communicate more effectively and launch their organization with a world-class brand identity.

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Our Philosophy


Brands, like humans are born equal. Similarly, brands grow, evolve & eventually find their place in the world. We believe that in today’s world, competing on price & features is both short-sighted and underwhelming for the modern consumer. In our world, startups with visionary ideas, require visionary execution — a world-class brand identity & brand experience immersive enough to truly stand out. So although all brands are born equal, we strive to birth brands that can become iconic.


Our Process


As a branding agency for startups, being engaged with the founders we work with is important to us. Each partnership formed becomes a commitment made — subsequently we choose to take on only a limited number of startups per season. To find out if we’re a good fit for each other, tell us about your startup to get the process started.


Our Products


We’ve developed a concise set of products tailored primarily for startups. Through our experiences working with many founders, we’ve been able to fine tune a brand identity system development framework that’s effective. Along with that, we have several other options for startups at different stages. We call them products because they’re packaged nicely & you know what you’re getting — yet, our products are flexible & adaptive as each startup is unique.


Our leadership


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